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The Watertown Lacrosse Scholarship program


The Watertown Lacrosse Scholarship program is a new program with the hope that the first scholarships awards will be granted for the fall of 2009.
The monetary award will consist of either $500.00, or $1000.00 grant for one boy & one girl.

The criteria for qualifying are as follows:
1) Applicant had to play two years in Watertown Lacrosse.
2) Applicant must have completed Community Service and show a Certificate of Completed Service as well as help during one day of the Watertown Lacrosse Jamboree. (Held during the first weekend of May)
3) Applicant must submit a letter stating why they are in need of the scholarship.
4) Applicant has been accepted to higher learning institute.
5) Applicant must carry a 2.5 grade average to apply.
6) Applicant must have a recommendations letters summited from three sources (teacher, coach, non relative.)
7) Applicant will summit request to:

   Watertown Lacrosse Scholarship Program
   P.O. Box 174 Oakville, Ct. 06779

The applicant’s will be judged by an independent board not associated with Watertown Lacrosse Association or it's officers. Qualifying applicants receive a one-time award.
Applicants failing to qualify may attempt to apply again in two successive years.